Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Starvation: Day 2

OK so I'm not starving BUT I am starting a new "diet." Mommy keeps saying that its a preventative diet to make sure I don't get chunky. A few people have made comments to her that I am "filling out." She also says it will make her a more responsible puggle parent. So basically I only get to eat twice a day and a certain amount each time. She used to leave food out for me all day and I would eat a little here and there, so adjusting to the twice a day feedings are a little confusing. I'm sure I will get used to it.

Right now I weigh a solid 17lbs. I wonder if I will lose weight, or if I wasn't over eating before after all.

Here are a few before pictures:

OH I did get a few extra treats today because after I was brushed mom said I must have lost a pound of fur! lol


Bijou said...


You look fine to us. But if your mom thinks you need to lose weight, maybe more exercise, instead of less food, would make you a happier puggle. Just sayin'. BOL

Wags & wiggles,

Mr. Puggle said...

don't you hate gettin' brushed!

Mr. Puggle said...

man, i thought i was following your blog but it wasn't connected. now it is. LOSE WEIGHT? oh man, you look great. you can see your waist. don't look too close at mine. i am loosing my belly a bit since i have been back to running while the human skates. winters in chi town are brutal! heck it was in the 40's this morning! It is freakin' june already!!!

Anonymous said...

You do NOT need to lose weight Lola!!

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

Hi Lola! We think you look great all the time! I have to loose some weight too!
Rufus and Indie

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you clarified that... makes sense. Any food put in my bowl disappears in about 30 seconds so I have trouble relating to dogs who graze all day. I just don't have that in me.

Totally Timmy said...

Poor Lola
you are just melting away..

CoCo said...

My Mama said that I shed enough to weave my own carpet mat. We puggles do shed a lot!


Pee ess, I'm sorry to hear that you are on a diet. I was on one last summer too...and am kinda on one still. Don't worry, they don't last too long if you work your puppy dog eyes!