Saturday, April 25, 2009

I love paddle boats!

This is my best kid friend Ashley. Mommy, Ashley, Suzanne, and I went to Gallup Park in Ann Arbor and rented a paddle boat! This was the best group picture we could get even though mommy and I am cut out. Paddle boats are the strangest things. It is a bench that floats and it works just like a bike! It was neat and a bit crowded and with 3 people and a dog it left little room for me to move around. I was glad that they included me though! I saw one other dog out in a canoe!
In the beginning I sat in the middle away from the water. It was a bit scary because it would rock and there were no edges!!
But I got used to it and sat up front with the wind in my ears. I heard them talking about getting me a life jacket so more fun water days are in my future! This swan was following us and at first we thought it was beautiful and exciting but then it got really close and mommy said it was getting mean looking so we tried to get away from it. It was a beautiful day and the park was gorgeous!
There was a playground so Ashley and I went down the slide, it was the perfect day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Puggle[bunny]!!

(it's just me guys, I'm not really the easter puggle[bunny] it's just a costume!!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I love PB.

OH and I was awesome award was given to me by Bijou

For this award you have to list 5 reasons your life is grand.1. I am SUPER spoiled and have the best friends EVER.

2. It's almost easter and I peeked at my awesome treats from mommy.

3. Because it is almost easter I will be spending an entire weekend at my aunt Jennifers and my grandpas house.

4. I am not crated and get to sleep and cuddle under the covers with my maa

5. I live with my forever family. I know I will never be at a shelter and for that life is SUPER grand.

These pink roses are given to all friends out there, bringing them a sweet and fruitful day. Those who receive these roses as a gift, need to pass it on to ten friends to show them you care. And to those who received the roses, it's to show you are never forgotten.I am passing these awards on to: everyone who is reading this and has not received this award yet. You are awesome and you have a grand life! ESPECIALLY if you have a blog. Comeon your spoiled! admit it!